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Hermann Herzog  (German - American, 1832-1932)
River Scene with Fisherman and Boat (Delaware River)
Oil on Canvas
h: 10" x w: 13", Framed

Condition: Relined, Restored and Cleaned

Hermann Herzog was born in Bremen, Germany in 1832. His artistic production commenced early and continued throughout his 100-year life span. Possessing recognizable talent in childhood, Herzog received guidance and acclaim early in life; his career developed rapidly. Herzog studied in Dusseldorf with Johann Wilhem Schirmer and then with renowned Norwegian landscape painter Hans Gude. Herzog traveled and painted with Gude in Norway and later captured many of Western Europe's beauty spots on his canvases. His ability soon attracted European royalty; Queen Victoria and Czar Alexander II were among his clients. In the 1860's, Herzog immigrated to America, choosing Philadelphia for his home.

Herzog traveled extensively in his lifetime, always searching for the most idyllic and beautiful view. In the 1870's he traveled up the Hudson River and began what would become numerous and various trips out West over his lifetime. He became known for his depictions of Yosemite and his work is reminiscent of Albert Bierstadt, his fellowcountryman.

Contemporaries observed that Herzog could sense the best time of the day and season to catch a scene at the peak of its beauty. His style was realistic and included an aesthetic tempering of mood, with soft and pleasing effects.

George Cope (American, 1855 -1929) also painted this scene. Cope began his formal training in 1876 with Herzog.

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