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David Schneuer (Jewish German Israeli ) (1905 - 1988)
20th Century
Pencil Signed & Numbered: 4/250
h: 11 in x w: 9.5 in

Born in Austro-Hungaria in 1905, David Schneuer lived in Europe between the World Wars. As a result, his works are a unique and timeless testimony of Europe during both that time and the golden period of German Expressionism. After graduation from the Munchner Kunstgewerbeschule (The Munich School of Arts and Crafts) he moved to Paris, where he collaborated with many leading artists. His time there influenced him greatly, leaving a lasting impression
on his painting.

A contemporary and friend of Thomas Mann, Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, David Schneuer started his career in the 1920's as a theatrical stage and poster designer in Berlin and Munich, developing his own style influenced by the German art of Kirchner, Grosz and Beckman. His versatility, skill and innovation won him much acclaim. However, in 1932 he was arrested as an artistic dissident and was imprisoned in Dachau . Upon his release in 1933 he fled to Tel Aviv. There, his paintings, as well as his trademarks - posters and public murals - were received with great enthusiasm in the rapidly expanding city.

Although he lived in Israel for the rest of his life, in his imagination he returned to the insouciantly stylish Parisian world that had first inspired him. His works have a relaxed, raffish charm that is redolent of Toulouse-Lautrec. The same motifs which he used while designing for Brecht are to be found in his paintings - sharp eroticism refined in subtle colors, sensuous characters and virtuoso drawing enhanced by exuberant humor. Unaffected by the ever-changing world about him, Schneuer continued to develop his expressionist style until his death in November 1988. He painted until the last day of his life.

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