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Robert Held Art Glass Vase (Canadian)
Signed/designed—R Held Art Glass/Robert Held
Pulled Feather Gold Lustre Iridescent in Art Nouveau Style
c.1980s - 90s
h: 5" x w: 4"

$350.00 USD

Robert uses techniques that date back as long ago as 2000 B.C. however, his collections range from classic to contemporary. Some works are inspired by the paintings of famous artists such as Monet and Klimt, while others take inspiration from photographers and even interior designers.

Robert's glass work has been chosen for many prestigious awards and collections. His goblets were selected to grace the table of the Governor General's "Perfect Setting" and his newest commissioned piece: a glass bowl encasing 23rd karat gold maple leaves and sparkling dichroic glass now sits in Her Majesty's Royal Collection. In 2003, a piece from Mr. Held's Flower Line was selected as the Canadian Gift and Tableware Association's Gift of the Year. His glass sculptures may also be found in major collections such as the Roland Michener and the Indusman.





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