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Moser "Machine Age" Art Deco Glass Vase (Czechoslovakian)
Thick, grey or "smoke" colored glass, that has facet-cut bands that gradute in size.
Artist/Designer—Josef Hoffman (1870-1956)
c. 1935 - 1940
h: 11.75" x w: 6.75" base: 3.75"

Moser glass is the legacy of Ludwig Moser (1833-1916), a Jewish artist from the Czech Republic (then known as Bohemia). He was formally trained as a painter and engraver, but founding the Moser glass company, which thrived under his keen business sense, is what he is remembered for today.

Josef Hoffman was one of many talented Bohemian artisans who worked for the firm over the decades.

$545.00 USD





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