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Higgins Art Glass Ashtray (American)
Signed/designed—Higgins/Michael and Frances Higgins
Colorful birds, sun and gold flowers decorate background
on smoked gray glass.
l: 11.75" x w: 7.5"

$195.00 USD

The upscale decor glass art company was run by Michael and Frances Higgins who have both passed-on. Michael and Frances Higgins, who met at the Chicago Institute of Design, were pioneers in the rediscovery and refinement of the ancient art of glass fusing. Because it is so labor-intensive, fusing had, by the mid-twentieth century, been all but abandoned in favor of glass blowing. Essentially, fusing is the creation of a “glass sandwich”.

The gold Higgins signature dates this fabulous mod ashtray to between 1957-1964.

“We just try to make what looks good—anytime, in any place.
Things that are lasting, and can be enjoyed for years to come.”
Frances Higgins





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