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Goldfarb Studio Art Glass Cabinet Vase (American)
Signed/designed—Goldfarb Studio/Alan Goldfarb
Cranberry Oil Spot Design, Yellow Green Applied Lip
h: 4" x w: 2.75"

Alan Goldfarb
Alan came to glass blowing after studying ceramics as a high school student in New York. He later attended the School for American Craftsmen at the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Pilchuk School in Seattle. Alan is a master glass blower with a long list of awards and national exhibits. His work permanently resides in the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Corning Museum of Glass where he is also and instructor. He received an achievement award in 1998 for contemporary glass from Irving Glass in New York. He also received a grant from the Vermont Artists Council. He opened his studio in Burlington, VT eighteen years ago. Alan’s glass blowing work continues to be innovative and inspirational to others.

$165.00 USD





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